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Bridges Burned

Bridges Burned (Going Down in Flames, #2)Bridges Burned by Chris Cannon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

If you’re looking for more of the wonderful characters from the first book, this book exceeds expectations. Something about the relationships and characters just has me hooked on this series. Even though there was some traumatic girl drama in here, it still had me captured.

We meet back up with Bryn on her return to school. She’s had a busy life as of late. After escaping getting blown up, rescuing Jaxon, getting recognized by her grandparents, she’s still expected to attend classes. The dynamic between all the characters definitely changes in this second installment, though. Sure, her friends are still amazing, but her love life takes a bit of a hit. Maybe we were all just the love-struck teen in the first book, but Zavien suddenly starts to look like… a jerk. He’s always running to his intended (who he claims is just a friend). He’s pretty much lying by omission every time he talks to Bryn. I’m sure there’s some big secret that is causing him to act this way, but I am still up in arms about his treatment of Bryn and think she should never take him back. That being said, they obviously have chemistry and attraction, but enough events occur in the book to make me question if that’s all there is.

Moving on from my romantic ramblings, there are a lot bigger things going on than just Bryn’s love life. A group of dragons from different clans have joined forces to attack. Each attack takes on a flavor of a different clan’s power, making it difficult to fight against unless they actually worked together. Of course, Bryn is always thrown into these situations and struggles to make sense of it all. Through all this, I found myself hating Jaxon less and less. Somehow the author manages to show us a side of Jaxon that makes him look better than before. As I found myself settling into this new life for Bryn where she is subjected to attacks constantly, might be friends with Jaxon, and is still struggling to find her place in the dragon world, suddenly we are struck with a SHOCKING turn of events. Really, this blew me out of the water. I won’t spoil the reader, but these events completely changed Bryn’s world. It also put her in closer proximity to Valmont (which is always good, in my opinion).

The ending of this book felt a little abrupt to me. We are left with lots of questions and only a vague hope of what’s to come. I can hope for more Valmont/Bryn romance. I can also hope for a safer dragon world to come. Oh, and maybe some gender and clan equality. Either way, I’ll be happily reading the rest of this series.

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Bridges Burned
By Chris Cannon

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