Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Review: Supernatural

Supernatural by Larissa Ione

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Overall, this was a really great compilation of stories, even if you're not already exposed to the related books.

"Vampire Fight Club" by Larissa Ione: 4 stars

Larissa Ione's writing style always sucks me in and this short story was no different. Lena is a woman on a mission. Sheltered her entire life, and finally on her own for what could be the last months of her life, she is determined to track down the person or persons responsible for killing her brother. As a shapeshifter that can't shift, Lena is destined to die if she can't pull of a shift in the next few months. She decides that in order to complete her mission, she has to go undercover as a medic in a vampire club run by Nate. Nate's a daywalking vampire (which fits really nicely into the Lords of Deliverance storylines). He originally took his job as a means to get back at the man responsible for his mate getting killed. Unfortunately, throughout the years, his heart has hardened and he just isn't as motivated by hate as he once was. Lena wakes that part of him that wants to hate (and love) again. Their romance was steamy and fun to watch. It was nice to have a good tie in to the other books in the series.

"Darkness Eternal" by Alexandra Ivy: 4 stars

Having not read any of the rest of this series, I feel like I caught up pretty quickly. We join Uriel after he has already been scarred by the Jinn and now fears what his future has in store. Now tasked with rescuing a gypsy woman, Kata, from her evil sister's clutches, he is less than enthusiastic. He considers her a "Jinn-whore", having birthed her own half breed with the one who scarred him. Kata has been tortured and locked up by her sister for centuries when she is finally freed. A journey into the underworld ends up binding these two reluctant characters together for more than just their journey. This was a very hot and entertaining read. It made me interested in checking out the rest of the series, which (I guess) is the real reason for these anthologies.

"Kane" by Jacquelyn Frank: 5 stars

It’s possible that this got 5 stars just because I miss reading the Nightwalkers stories and this was a wonderful blast from the past. If you’ve read the Nightwalker books, you recognize Kane and Corrine as being supporting characters in Jacob’s story. This one really grabbed from the first page and didn’t let me stop until I was done. Something about Jacquelyn Frank’s writing style and the wonderful characters I’ve grown to know just had me completely addicted. We watch Kane and Corrine get to know each other under the most stressful of circumstances. If you’ve never read the books, this could be a good introduction to the world, but I’d suggest starting from Jacob and working your way through. You won’t be disappointed. These stories have lots of sizzling chemistry and revolve around a truly unique world.

"Dragon on Top" by G.A. Aiken: 4 stars

I haven’t read any of these books, but it read easy enough as a standalone story. The setting is a bit of a medieval alternate realm and almost all the characters are dragon shifters. Ghleanna is a dragon warrior woman who has been spurned by her last lover and made (in her mind) into a bit of a joke. Bram is a longtime acquaintance of Ghleanna who has been secretly pining over her. During a journey between Dragon lands, their relationship blossoms and a lot of action ensues. The dialogue was really a highlight of the story for me. It was effortless and seemed to draw me in, even though I was reluctant to begin a more traditional fantasy story. The love story is cute and it was almost good enough to trick me into checking out this set of books also.

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