Thursday, December 23, 2021

Night's Bliss

Night's Bliss (The Ancients #3)Night's Bliss by Mary Hughes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I gotta admit that I may not have read all the books that would make me appreciate this one as much as I could. That being said, I enjoyed it and was able to follow the larger implications without issue.

Rey has stationed herself inside the staff for the evil vampire, Umbra. She’s trying to find the cure for the poison that Elias (in his human disguise) has been infected with. Her love for his human parts doesn’t give him a free pass as the terrifying vampire that she categorizes him as, but it’s a good start for their romance. After some steps forward, Elias is driven to save Rey from the evil castle, but there are some barriers. First, Rey is anti-vampire, so Elias takes steps to mask that part of him, while still being awesome and powerful. Second, Umbra is playing the long game, so has a lot of moving pieces on the chessboard. Lucky for us, Elias is a master strategist.

One of the great parts of this book was the strategy. I’m all for smutty good romance (and that’s a part of it), but watching the action and plans play out was just as fun. There’s a lot of players, but it was easy to keep track of the good vs bad. The wonderfully good and unique characters that end up aiding Elias in the end are just… perfection. I wish I had spent more time with all of them before the end, but their heroics didn’t go unrecognized. The ending here feels like a series/world ender, but here’s hoping we get to see some familiar faces in possible spin-offs.

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