Thursday, August 16, 2018

Review: Brief Cases

Brief Cases Brief Cases by Jim Butcher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This short story collection was exactly what I needed to remind myself why I love this universe. These were short, self-contained tales that each had their own unique flavor.

While all of them definitely had something different, my favorites were the Bigfoot stories and the last one in the collection. The Bigfoot stories are a set of three tales that take place at various points in the larger storyline. It was really interesting to watch how Harry handled this rather strange friendship he now has with a mythological being. We join Harry when he first meets his client (aka Bigfoot) in the woods, worried about his half-human son. The second story follows Harry as he ends up protecting Bigfoot’s son a second time. Lastly, Harry has to navigate young love and supernaturals while trying not to make Bigfoot too mad.

The last story of the collection takes place at the zoo. Harry finally gets to spend a whole day with his daughter, Maggie, and his dog, Mouse, and he’s determined not to let anything ruin it. Of course, Harry being Harry, things don’t go as planned. We get to watch this story play out from all three POVs and it was *the best*. I would re-read this one just to enjoy the insight we get into house Mouse operates. There’s magical mayhem, lots of “heart stupidity” and just oodles of love. Oh, and witty banter. So much witty banter!

At the end of this short story anthology, I wish there was a book I could immediately dive right into, but, alas, we still have to wait for the next full length Dresden installment. At least this was a fun taste of things to come.

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