Saturday, April 7, 2018

Review: Under the Gun

Under the Gun Under the Gun by Hannah Jayne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book picks up with Sophie still being... Sophie, and her roommates suffering from a weeks long heatwave. While nice for "normal" people, vampires tend to hate it when the sun is beating down on everything for days on end.

The larger story here is that, surprise, the guy that started this whole series, Pete Sampson, ends up being definitively not dead (like we thought). Of course, he tells Sophie that he doesn't need her help and she quickly disagrees and tries to find out who is trying to frame, kill, and otherwise discredit him. This leads to a lot of junk food, some sword fighting, a lot of lying (which Sophie sucks at), and me going back to not liking Alex.

This story, on a whole, had lots of twists and turns. I have almost come to expect it from this world. Nothing is ever as it seems, which Sophie really should have learned by now. Is this the bloodiest of the series so far? I think so! They seriously upped the gore in this installment for some reason. Poor Sophie better get some sort of turnaround in the next book, complete with guys doing a lot of groveling. Also - remember when her being the vessel was a big deal? Can we go back to that?

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