Saturday, April 7, 2018

Review: Just Roll With It

Just Roll With It Just Roll With It by Tawdra Kandle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Without fail, this author's books have a way of taking me out of my comfort zone - in a good way! When I find that I'm in a reading rut, these books always shake me up and make me want to dive back into reading again.

This book, while part of a series, can absolutely be read as a standalone story. We meet up with Amanda, a hard working law student who has never really had or wanted a serious relationship. Her priorities are very clear and her future is essentially already planned out. Keeping the distractions minimal (usually in the form of adorably attentive friends) is pretty easy until she runs into her BFF's brother again.

Vincent is a pastry chef for his family restaurant and wants absolutely nothing to do with a committed relationship. Seems like he and Amanda should work out with no hurt feelings, but one night together ends up changing them both. Who knew that a pair so obsessed with "keeping things light" could get so obsessed with avoiding their feelings?

As these two circled around one another, there were some very real and gritty interactions, arguments, and one all too familiar family dinner. As someone who appreciates a good Italian dinner and some pastries, this book left me hungry for more (get it?)! I was so sad to have to say goodbye to this couple, especially once they got to their HEA. I will eagerly await more from this world/series and gobble it up as soon as I'm able.

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