Sunday, March 11, 2018

Review: Midnight Magic

Midnight Magic Midnight Magic by Jo-Ann Carson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was apparently a spinoff from a short story, but having not known that going in, I don't think you need to read that story to appreciate this one. If you like ghost hunting stories, this is worth checking out.

Abby is a single mother (widowed) who is just trying to user her abilities to make ends meet. While her primary job is a janitor for a haunted tea house, she also has some sort of affinity for the paranormal. It's this ability that gets her a customer in the form of a woman hunting for diamonds in her recently inherited mansion. Said mansion is also haunted by some mean ghost that makes searching the mansion more difficult.

While the story started out a little slow, it picks up with layers of mystery and a subplot dealing with Abby and her Viking ghost boyfriend's relationship. I think that might be the only thing that I sort of missed by not reading the previous short. We join their relationship already in progress and intense enough for him to risk everything to be with her (in exactly the way you're thinking). There is some level of romance and smut, but the book is primarily and mystery and sets up Abby's even more interesting paranormal predilections. Future books should be able to dive right into that drama without the build up that this book went through.

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