Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Review: Eternal Brothers

Eternal Brothers Eternal Brothers by N.J. Walters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Having read the other books in this series, I really wasn’t sure where the series would go after we matched up the last brother to his mate. I shouldn’t have worried, because this naturally progresses the world and kept me completely engaged.

This book was like two in one – the first story revolving around Zane York and the second around Cassidy (one of the few remaining humans in their world). Zane was bit of a mystery in the beginning. I wasn’t sure how he really fit into their world, but I was sure how he fit into Sophia’s. Sophia was a new introduction by way of her stumbling upon a crime scene while following a reporter tip. She and Zane smash into each other, trying to fight this instant attraction while also let go of some walls they’ve both built up. Oh, and there’s the whole vampire thing. Aside from their romantic storyline, there’s also a murder mystery to solve that includes the Dalakis brothers.

Cassidy enters the story as an investigator into threats against the Dalakis brother, his well-paying clients. While looking into leads, he ends up meeting his own match in the form of a stubborn and tough as nails woman who fell in with the wrong crowd. She fights and pushes against him but he is a patient man and used his non-vampire charm to try to win her over. The two relationships ended up playing off of one another nicely and I was happy to see the humans get a story to match the vampires. All in all, this was a good shift in this series and I look forward to even more.

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