Sunday, November 16, 2014

Review: Haunted

Haunted by Kelley Armstrong

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I will admit to being very reluctant to read a book that revolved around Eve. I've already complained about how the previous books are starting to convince me that this evil witch wasn't so very evil. It's amazing what this author can do, though, because by the time I was a quarter of the way through the book, I was rooting for Eve all the way.

This book is from Eve's perspective. Sure, we get visits from Jamie, Lucas, Paige, Savannah, and even a cameo from Jeremy, but it is mostly starring Eve and her ex/not-so-ex Kris. Oh, and there's angels now. Huh. The fates we met in the last book, so I guess angels shouldn't be so far fetched. While some of the other books might have been filled with some sunshine and rainbows, this book was certainly a bit darker and more gritty. Eve is in the afterlife, breaking all the rules but managing to keep her own set of rules unbroken. She barters instead of owing, always paying all her debts. One such debt was earned in the last book for Paige and Lucas. When the fates call her in, she accepts without question, tasked with hunting down a demi-demon (a "Nix") who is responsible for a whole string of serial killers.

One downside to this book is it was filled to the brim with history and backstory. It's kid of essential for the true story of this Nix to be told, but did fill up a lot of pages along the way, slowing the action down a bit. Aside from that, it had all the goodness you've come to expect: lots of paranormals, a snarky necromancer, an unlikely love story, and sacrifice a'plenty. Oh, and angels. They seem like the oddest thing to throw into this story about a "black witch," but I guess the fates are crazy.

At the end of the story I took a peek to see what the next book was about and was a little startled to see it didn't have anybody's name in it from this one. What about Tsriel (did I spell that right?)? We spent a whole bunch of time learning about angels to just drop them now... Maybe we need all this information at some point in the future...

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