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Review: The Undead Pool

The Undead Pool
The Undead Pool by Kim Harrison

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

OK, it took me forever to get through this book in audiobook format, but now that I’m finally finished I can honestly say that this is another solid installment in a series that is sadly almost over. A lot happened in this book. It felt a little bit like a few books mashed into one big read. We get resolution with Trent and Rachel (finally), there are some solid updates with the long forgotten werewolf pack, Felix gets some time to flex his bad guy muscles again, and elven magic is explained (kind of).

Rachel begins the book playing as Trent’s bodyguard. I really don’t get it, but I’m glad that they are mashed together. Watching them attempt to date is adorable and scary all at the same time. How did the author somehow convince me a guy who tried to kill her is good date material? It’s amazing what 12 books can do for you. At any rate, things (of course) do not go according to plan. Bits of magical waves end up putting all the undead vampires to sleep and making all charms performed in its wake backfire.

So, obviously, Rachel is the only person who can stop this. We learn a lot about the inner workings of elven magic, the political drama that goes along with the elven race, and we get more insight into the demon/elf grudge. Sadly, Al is almost absent in this book. He pops up, does bad things, makes things way worse, and then leaves again. I hope we get some more Al (and things get better) in the last book of the series. Overall, I was less focused on the storyline of this book and more focused on the Rachel/Trent drama. Will then end up together? Will Rachel mess everything up? This book showed a lot more of the Rachel I used to hate in the beginning of the series (the weak and whiney one), so I hope she gets back to her usual, more grown up self in the next book. If you’ve read the series, this has a lot of fan service thrown in. All your Trent and Rachel wishes will come true, and a lot of questions get answered. I enjoyed this one, but not nearly as much as some of the other epic installments.

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