Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review: Silver Shadows

Silver Shadows
Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book continued to cement Adrian as one of my favorite book characters of all time. It was a tough read to get through, what with about 25% of it involving physical and psychological torture (as somewhat expected), but the 75% of Adrian/Sydney goodness was completely worth it.

If you read the last one (as you should have!) then you know where we begin. Poor Sydney and Adrian can’t get a break and they are both suffering in their own ways (some more physical than others). There are some positively cringe-worthy near misses and awkward misunderstandings that made the first half of the book so hard to read, yet so hard to put down. The hope that Adrian and Sydney would somehow meet again really drove me to tear through the book at a super-fast speed, determined to get past all the yucky pain and into some rewarding lovey-dovey stuff. Well, ok, we never really get the relaxing vacation-like time with Adrian and Sydney, but without someone trying to kill/kidnap/torture/reprogram them every minute, it feels like a relief.

This book was really filled with action, probably even more than any previous installments. You get to see Adrian flex his spirit magic muscles and be the rock that Sydney needs. The romance was also bumped up a notch, making me get all weepy at how amazing the two of them are. Of course we want to see Sydney and Adrian holed up in a hotel so they can snuggle and enjoy one another, but that probably wouldn’t make a really great book. There has to be tension, struggle, and growth, of which this book has in spades.

As a bonus, this book also doesn’t end in one of those rip your heart out type of cliffhangers. Sure, there’s no HEA to be found, but I didn’t want to throw my kindle across the room and cry. That’s a major improvement in this series (for me, at least).

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