Thursday, June 5, 2014

Review: A Vampire's Promise

A Vampire's Promise
A Vampire's Promise by Carla Susan Smith

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This book is filled with oodles of mystery, sexy romance, and a gigantic cliffhanger. There are not a lot of explanations given in this book, but the hope for answers really pushes you through the story which is honestly unlike anything I’ve read before.

Rowan is a woman who hasn’t really spent much time thinking about men. She works at a bookstore, spends a lot of time reading, hangs out with her best friend, and is still a virgin (it’s important, sort of, I think). Everything changes the night she meets Gabriel. On their first date, she really should’ve realized that something was wrong, but like most women, she was able to overlook the strangeness in exchange for the romance. The romance in this book reads like a reincarnation novel mixed with a vampire romance, which I can honestly say I’ve never read before. While the title includes “vampire” in it, the book really just dangles details surrounding the vampires slightly out of your (and Rowan’s) reach. I’m left with more questions than answers at the end, but I found it a little easier to take because the romance and sizzle was distracting enough. The idea of a “promise” was also really interesting and I would have loved to have learned more about it here, but, alas, we got no firm details.

Rowan and Gabriel’s relationship is like a wild rollercoaster ride. One minute I hate him, the next I love him, and I think Rowan felt the same throughout the book. He’s hiding things, but seems relatively open. There’s so many problems with the way they deal with his secrets that it’s a little infuriating. There is a lot of buildup and I’m really dying for some follow-up (and answers!) – Where is the next book?!?

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