Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Review: All For You

All For You
All For You by Dana Marie Bell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book had all of the yummy and fun things I’ve come to expect from Dana Marie Bell and introduced me to the new world of the Nephilim. There’s romance, sexy time, action, and mystery all rolled into a fun, quick read.

Abby is a woman with a bunch of baggage. She’s fighting to regain her life after her ex tried to kill her and, consequently, made her into the timid person she’s become. Seth is a Nephilim and is a half angel warrior tasked with fighting off the evil half angels, the Shem. As their relationship blossoms, they have to find a way to coexist without constantly bashing against one another. They begin a life of cohabitation, at first by circumstance and then by choice after some sigh-worthy romantic scenes and sexy times.

The relationship between the two of them was really the focus of the story. We meet a lot of her other friends (and probably future spinoff characters) along the way, but Abby and Seth are the couple to watch. It was a little hard to watch Seth yell at and drag Abby around after he knew she’d been in an abusive relationship before. Other than that, though, I have no complaints. The writing style was easy. The sexy times were sexy. The action was fast-paced but easy to follow. All in all, this is a series I could easily dive into.

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