Saturday, January 14, 2023

Twice as Hot

Twice as Hot (Tales of an Extraordinary Girl #2)Twice as Hot by Gena Showalter
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I gotta say, I think as a book club we read this book in a way not intended. We read book #1 and immediately started book #2. In real life, there was a big gap between the two, so I think you get more enjoyment overall if you haven’t just read a very similar tale. That being said, I enjoyed this one more than the first and was glad we read it.

Belle ended the previous book with a new job in a secret organization for paranormals. She was also in a relationship with Rome and headed to the altar (and potentially step-mom-hood). Her new friend Tanner was recruited for the same organization and her BFF was super supportive of her weirdo new powers. All in all, things were looking resolved, like we didn’t need another book unless something happened to derail all that, right?

The author says that this book is supposed to tie up loose ends but it really just pulled things apart for me. The ex-wife that seemed OK with things (especially while hooking up with Tanner) suddenly dropped him and wanted her ex-husband back. The BFF who was supportive is suddenly jealous of the weirdo powers. The kicker, however, is that Rome ends up losing all memory of her, having to re-learn each other with the obstacle of ex-wife roadblocks. It was just… weird. The character shifted and sometimes in not a good way.

The good? The sizzle was still there, the characters overall got more developed and better, and things resolve themselves relatively quickly. We do get a bit of a wrap up somewhat early, which leads to multiple ending-feeling chapters along the way. No complaints if I had just read this one, but right off the first book it felt like a re-do (a better one, though!).

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