Sunday, March 27, 2022

Dark Alpha's Passion

Dark Alpha's Passion (Reaper, #14)Dark Alpha's Passion by Donna Grant
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was another solid installment in the very long and winding road to Reaper/Dragon King/Others/Six Showdown. While we don't quite get there in this one, we are still building to a nice finale.

As this is a reaper book, we know that someone needs to be betrayed, get killed, and turned into a Reaper, right? Those are the rules, so why am I surprised every time it happens? Ruark has been trying to be a good spy, a good son, and stay as far away from Chevonne, his lady love, to keep everyone safe and hopefully help the good guys win. At a pivotal point in the fight, he decides it's worth the risk, and reconnects with Chevonne. She's a fighter but there are a lot of things at play here that put them both in an unwinnable situation.

Lucky for us, there are lots of very powerful players already in the game. With all the action and excitement you'd expect, I think this book focuses more on that than the romance here and I'm not mad at it. This book does help along the X storyline too, and we will hopefully get some very satisfying payoff in the coming books.

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