Saturday, January 8, 2022

Immortal's Honor

Immortal's Honor (Dark Protectors, #14)Immortal's Honor by Rebecca Zanetti
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book totally tricked me into reading another motorcycle club book without me even noticing. It was fun, smutty, exciting, and ultimately took some big steps to the "big showdown."

Sam is yet another super secret member of the Seven's plan/protection for the big bad. With each book we get closer to a potential showdown, and even get some good progress here and epic battles. Since Sam is a protector (see what I did there?) he steps up to take on some of what should have been the role of his niece. Things are obviously not going well, since he gets his own book. He's blowing things up, lighting them on fire, and randomly getting pulled into different dimensions. The newest bonus, upon meeting Honor, an enhanced female, he somehow "infects" her with a similar affliction.

Honor has been swimming along in her weird life, content with normality until this hulking brute enters her life. Their interactions were simply wonderful to watch. She isn't one of those "save me, I'm a princess!" types, and it was refreshing. At every turn, she tries to get herself out of a bad situation before even thinking someone could help her. As a match, they are pretty good and work towards a balanced pair. The side stories for Hope and her friends also seamlessly mix with this story, giving us a good chance to progress the big plot. Overall, this is one of my favorite recent installments in the series.

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