Sunday, October 10, 2021

Walking in a Witchy Wonderland

Walking in a Witchy Wonderland (Stay a Spell, #3.5)Walking in a Witchy Wonderland by Juliette Cross
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This anthology should probably be read after the previous books so you can dive right in, but as most shorts, you might be able to muddle through. I enjoyed these little dirty stories, all either circling back to established couples or adding more rumors to to-be couples.

While this book says it takes place a #3.5, it really spans a few different timeframes. There are 5 shorts in here of varying length (some really quick, others more full length, some just a taste). If you aren't familiar with the characters, you'll get a crash course in the first story. There are a bunch of sisters and their mates, so buckle up! All of the stories tie together with the general holiday theme, which gives a nice warm feeling. They also have sizzle in the form of smutty goodness. These sisters are definitely not afraid to have some dirty good times.

If you're looking for secrets to be revealed here, there is some behind the scenes stories, but not a lot of really new surprises. I did enjoy the JJ story revealing how they ended up together, but we knew they were a couple from their displays. I can't wait to see which one of the sisters we get to follow in a full book next, and hope we get some resolution for the un-mated sisters.

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