Saturday, July 3, 2021

Pack Darling - Part One

Pack Darling - Part One (Pack Darling, #1)Pack Darling - Part One by Lola Rock
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Wow - this book was impossible to put down! I literally stayed up late last night to finish because, even knowing this was only Part 1, I needed to know where we left things.

This world was immediately captivating. Lilah has the last name "Darling" because she is a ward of the omega training facility where she is housed. She's billed for everything and will only be able to leave and be placed with a pack if they can handle all her debt, too. Accepting (and hoping) she never has to join a pack of alphas, she works very hard to fly under the radar and slow her "awakening." While there is a lot of pack and shifter terminology, we don't see any actual shifting or anything like that. This is all human all the time. And, damn, humans are mean.

Lilah has fought her way through her time at the academy and tried not to become the slave to her hormones that happens post-awakening. This has resulted in her being emaciated, scarred, and perpetually exhausted, but her "owner" ends up shipping her off to a pack anyway. This pack has some issues, but is jam-packed with hot alphas. Unfortunately for the drama levels, they also have another omega, meaning she is poaching. There is some wonderful smut, lots of misunderstandings and drama, and this book seriously left me desperate for more. When is Part 2 coming out again? I need more Lilah!

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