Sunday, July 18, 2021

Deep Kiss of Winter

Deep Kiss of Winter (Includes: Immortals After Dark, #7; Alien Huntress, #3.5)Deep Kiss of Winter by Kresley Cole
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I read this short story (?) set to complete the Alien Huntress series, but I think the Immortals after dark story was actually more compelling. I haven't had much experience with that series, but if they are all this addictive, I'll have to swing back around and start that one up.

So, the Immortals After Dark story - this picks up with a story already in progress and is clearly taking place in parallel to another book or set of stories. The main characters here are Murdoch and Dani. Murdoch is a vampire, but a good one, and Dani is a Valkyrie, but also a frost fae. What does this mean? Well, when Murdoch suddenly makes her his bride (e.g. fated mate), they are quickly confronted by the fact that Dani can't touch anyone warm blooded without pain. This puts a damper in their relationship and leads to, uh, interesting bed games. We get a HEA ending out of this, but we sure do go through some stuff to get there!

The Alien Huntress story can probably be read standalone, but directly set up the next book in the series, filling in some gaps. Aleaha is a shifter of sorts - able to steal anyone's complete identity after touching them. She assumes the identity of a woman who has just joined the alien hunter unit, but finds herself in trouble when her team comes under attack from warriors (from a peaceful planet we met before?). This is a captive turned lover story, which the series has already handled a bit, so I gave them a pass on this one. Breean, the leader of the warriors ends up taking Aleaha into his bed (willingly, sure, but it's still weird). The alien hunter team, having seem way weirder stuff, goes with the flow on this one, and we end up getting new allies in the larger storyline involving the sentient disease. Overall, important to introduce Bride's missing friend, but nothing earth shattering.

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