Monday, October 28, 2019

Review: White Hot

White Hot White Hot by Ilona Andrews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love these books. I'm so sad that I waited so long to read them, because they are just so fun and amazingly addictive. Give me more please!

We re-join Nevada, still trying to act like her and Rogan aren't meant to be together (sigh). Her grandmother and sisters are clearly on the reader's side, so that was a nice touch. She and Augustine still have a tenuous relationship, where her mother might still shoot him, but it appears to be gaining some professional trust. This leads to Cornelius showing up as a client referral. He is a bright spot in this story, along with his daughter. I genuinely laughed out loud like a crazy person while listening to the audiobook portion where his powers are spectacularly used for the first time. True genius.

So, the larger story (and why it's called "white hot" I guess) is about tracked down some mysterious murderers who are using ice to assassinate (sometimes). Nevada ends up roped in by way of Cornelius, but Rogan shows up all on his own. There is the typical insane action sequences, lots of familiar faces from the previous book, and (YESSSS) some resolution. Are all the bad guys caught and locked up by the end? No, silly. But we do get some good, solid, Nevada/Rogan awesomeness. I love this entire magical world and would read just about anything that is set in it.

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