Monday, September 17, 2018

Review: What Does This Button Do?: An Autobiography

What Does This Button Do?: An Autobiography What Does This Button Do?: An Autobiography by Bruce Dickinson
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I read this for much the reason probably everyone reads this book - I really enjoy Iron Maiden. Admittedly, I was even really aware of Iron Maiden until my husband introduced me to the band. Since then, I've gone to concerts, watched Flight 666, and suddenly found myself a big Iron Maiden fan. Bruce Dickinson has been a mystery to me, what with his interesting collection of hobbies and interests on top of being an insane heavy metal lead singer. I was happy to share this audiobook with my husband and have yet even more Iron Maiden discussions.

So, full disclaimer - I listened to this rather than regular reading it and I think that really helped. It is read by the man himself, and he is a great storyteller. You get a lot of history on his time at school, how he learned and developed his fencing skills, and (of course) how he ended up a pilot in varying degrees of certification. I did notice the lack of mention of any relationships and kids along the way (I'll have to go check the wikipedia page), but he discusses that in the afterward.

The life he has had (and he's not done yet) is amazing. I loved the stories, the history, and the passion he tells it all with. As my typical type of book is paranormal romance, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to have myself sucked into this autobiography. I'd even say that I would recommend it to non-Iron Maiden fans, if only for the interesting story that is included here.

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