Monday, November 27, 2017

Review: Magic Shifts

Magic Shifts Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I admit, I was a little worried what would happen when Kate and Curran settle down. I obviously shouldn’t have been worried because, if anything, I like them even more. What seems like a “retirement” of sorts is actually just the turning of another page in the Kate Daniels saga.

Sure, they don’t live with the pack any more, but that doesn’t stop the pack from coming to them. In the time of their split, all the pack members were given a choice about who they choose (like a divorce). While this is still settling down, there is another mystery afoot – where did Eduardo go? He has been missing and the obvious choice of follow-up would be the leader of clan heavy, however, it seems that George and Eduardo having a secret relationship might have stirred the pot a bit too much.

Some highlights of this book involved Roland (I know, I’m falling for his games). There are some truly surreal moments in Kate’s life, but her trying to find her footing with her father is certainly the top of the list. We spent a lot of time in her head (due to some of her catastrophic choices) and it has led me to love her even more. Her power, also, seems to be evolving in new and interesting ways that can lead to even more surprises moving forward.

As usual, Kate’s life is never very straightforward. What starts as a missing person case ends up leading to a whole mess of supernatural drama that somehow draws Kate and Curran to consider taking over the Guild as payment for Curran’s tied up pack holdings. With that looming after the close of this book (along with other prediction-related cliffhangers) I cannot wait for more. It looks like there is a short story put between this book and the next, but I’m terrified because that means I’ll have to wait for more Kate! Please give me more of this world!

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