Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Review: Hard Breaker

Hard Breaker Hard Breaker by Christine Warren
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This last book (?) in the gargoyle series certainly ties up all the loose ends nicely. If you’re joining this story at its conclusion (maybe), you should really dive back in where it all began.

This book joins the guild in a rather unique way. Rather than starting with all the knowledge afforded to other participants, Ivy was thrust into the role of rescuer after her family was murdered. Her gift gave her a front row seat to the horrors that the bad guys can inflict, and that drove her to train to become a sort of witness protection program to wardens who want to be saved. It’s during one of these operations that things go wildly wrong. While under attack and getting ready to put up one hell of a fight, a Guardian suddenly awakes to save her.

Ivy might not know what’s going on, but Baen has the benefit of the shared memories of his brothers (and sister). She doesn’t even know the story of the maidens, which plays such a vital role in the subsequent events. Baen, however, is quick to realize that the woman who woke him is his mate. Sure, she might resist him, but fate certainly has other plans. The sizzling chemistry between them is no different from the other couples we’ve met along the way. Ivy is hesitant, however, to let down her guard where it counts. She can’t seem to wrap her brain around the fact that she might be in a relationship with a Guardian.

While the series has been building up this battle against the bad guys (which I guess they seem to be losing), the big battle scene really sneaks up on you. We were in the last little bit of the book before the battle even started, making it feel a little rushed to resolution. I hope there are more books set in this world, but they definitely did a good job in making sure everyone is in a good place for an ending.

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