Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Review: Cloaked in Sorcery

Cloaked in Sorcery Cloaked in Sorcery by T.F. Walsh
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I haven’t really read any other books in this world, so this was my first introduction to all of these characters. That being said, this novella was a good intro to the magical world of witches and shifters.

Kalin, a member of the local shifter pack, is doing her duty, trying to earn some money to support the pack by playing fortune teller at a local party. Seems innocent enough, but the party ends up going horribly wrong. Axe, a double-agent of sorts in the Russian pack, ends up at the party with a witch to follow his alpha’s plan. He’s supposed to have the witch lower everyone’s inhibitions and get the owner to sell his land to them. This would give them the foothold they need to start taking over Kalin’s pack’s territory.

Axe, of course, is straddling a very dangerous line. He wants to not allow his alpha’s reign to continue, but also wants to show loyalty enough to continue gathering information. His life gets a lot more complicated when his wolf recognizes his mate in the form of a rival clan wolf, Kalin.

These two had some very sexy times even before realizing they are fated mates. The romance may have been a little rushed, but what can you expect from a magically drunk party? There’s action, mystery, and even some death thrown in to keep the plot going. While we don’t get a very complex story, you get a really great introduction to this world. I’d like to see more.

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