Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Review: Gunmetal Magic

Gunmetal Magic Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I admit that I was kind of excited to get out of Kate’s head and into somebody else’s. That lasted only a few chapters in and then I was kind of sad to be completely without Kate. There’s something about her sarcasm and wit that really keeps things moving for me. Andrea is a different beast (haha) entirely.

So, as I already said, this really is exclusively an Andrea story. Kate is in maybe 5% of the book and that’s really only as a supporting character. Yes, you get Raphael (of course), but it really hurts for a while to watch Andrea muddle through her broken relationship and her feelings towards said relationship. Sure, Andrea is a tough chick who can handle herself in analytical situations, but she is severely lacking when it comes to the interpersonal stuff. Maybe that’s why she and Kate get along so well.

What’s the main story? Gah – in keeping with the rest of the series, this gets complicated. Andrea is called in to help Jim out with a murder investigation. It (of course) happens on one of Raphael’s sites, which puts them in direct contact for the first time since their “break-up.” We do finally get to learn what happened to Andrea during her time MIA. I’m glad I read the short story that runs parallel before this book, too, and highly recommend it.

Andrea’s adventure in this book takes her to visit Roman, who we met in the previous book. He was a welcome addition to the usual crew and I look forward to more interaction with the witches (am I allowed to call them that?). Do we get some resolution on the Andrea/Raphael front? Yes. Do we get to watch Andrea fall apart for most of the book? Yes. If you want both of those things, you’ll have to check this book out.

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