Thursday, July 7, 2016

Review: The King

The King The King by J.R. Ward
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book got me back into BDB. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to revisit Wrath and Beth (why fix what ain’t broken?), but this book really great.

First, let me say that this book has like 800 different storylines going on at once. For someone who took a large break between books, it was really confusing. There is not recap portion of the book during which you can refresh your memory, you just need to dive right in. As indicated by the title, Wrath is really the star here, being forced to make decisions. Sometimes they are wrong and lead to horrible things, but for the most part he gets things right in the end. Beth is going through some issues herself and has somehow managed to develop a sort-of rift between herself and Wrath that makes her hide these things. With the Band of Bastards still out there plotting, this was not the right time for them to be divided.

With all the flashbacks to his parents and the huge build up, this book read like some sort of epic culmination. Don’t worry; really only one storyline is tied up at the end so there are many, many more books to be had, I’m sure. We also get no resolution on the seizure storyline and, having since read The Shadows, it doesn’t even get brought up there. With so many ongoing stories, I can’t imagine everything will ever be addressed fully. I guess one of the benefits to taking long breaks between is the omissions are less obvious. All in all, though, this book reminded me why I liked these dark romantic paranormal reads.

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