Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Review: Bitten by Cupid

Bitten by Cupid Bitten by Cupid by Lynsay Sands
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I picked this book up with the intention of only reading the Lynsay Sands story. In an effort to fully compete the Argeneau series, I’m trying to be thorough in reading all the short stories along the way. This anthology, however, totally lured me in and I ended up reading the whole thing. While I liked some stories better than others, it was overall a 3.75 star read (rounding to 4). I have zero experience with the other worlds (Feral Warriors by Pamela Palmer and Offspring by Jaime Rush) but didn’t really have trouble diving in.

Vampire Valentine (4 stars)
The first story is the Argeneau tale. We FINALLY get to give Tiny his life mate! Tiny (for those of you who don’t know) is only of the only remaining mortals in a world filled with vampires and life mates. He seems to get along just fine, but he is obviously the weak link when sent out with other vampires. It must hurt his ego a little bit, especially because, despite his name, he’s pretty huge. Mirabeau is the punky misfit that has been on the periphery of a few stories but never really got her own starring role. Here, we see that they’ve both got things they have to wrap up before they can fully commit to one another. No matter how they get there, I’m still super happy that Tiny has finally gotten paired up. It was also nice to have a little follow-up on the youngest of the vampires.

Hearts Untamed (3 stars)
This story deals with a woman hiding all sorts of secrets from her long lost love. In a world where people can live for centuries but magical sorceresses are assumed extinct, Julianne is burdened with a secret that she’s not only a half-breed between the two magical races, but also being blackmailed into finding a precious gem. All of this drama is coupled with the abrupt return of her lost love, Zee, and now she’s got a recipe for disaster. She can’t really be expected to keep all these secrets from him and it seems he arrives at the exact time she needs him to. There’s some HEA and a relatively simple introduction to this world thrown in.

Kiss and Kill Cupid (4 stars)
This story had me on the edge of my seat the entire time! We meet Kristy, a punky and awesome writer who just happens to also be able to read minds. During a job interview she happens to hear the thoughts of a serial killer identifying her as his next victim. Through a series of events, it turns out her soon-to-be-maybe-boss might also have some secrets of the paranormal variety. From start to finish, I had no idea who the killer was, which makes this an awesomely entertaining read. I will definitely be checking out this author in the future if this is just a small example of what they can do.

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