Saturday, May 30, 2015

Review: Making Him Purr

Making Him PurrMaking Him Purr by Celia Kyle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lisa is determined to have a quick one night stand to get over her jerk of an ex. After her friends dress her and push her into going to a shifter bar, she's a little bit more hesitant than she was before. Luckily, the bartender has begun to chat with her, making her feel less and less awkward as the night goes on. Jonathan is immediately captivated by the stranger at his bar. While he would have usually spent more time flirting, an unexpected visit by her ex forces his hand and he (in caveman style action) ends up bringing her to his room above the bar.

These two have sizzling chemistry and a lot of unacknowledged romance. What Lisa wanted to remain a one night stand ends up causing her more guilt than she thought. These two end up with more than they bargained for in one night of fun and it was really enjoyable to read.

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