Sunday, April 17, 2022

Lover Arisen

Lover Arisen (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #20)Lover Arisen by J.R. Ward
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow! I think this book just made me fall in love with the Black Dagger Brotherhood series again!

After reading one of the spinoff books and being a little turned off by this world, I decided to give it another shot and I'm so glad I did. This book delivered in a lot of ways that I think fans have been asking for. There were not a lot of side stories (only the main love story, the building one, and some resolution that crosses between them), there was some good smut (not really a deficiency before), and we don't break a lot of things that we built up before. If this is your first time in the BDB world, I don't know how you got here as a first book. There is so much world and character building that has been done up to this point that I wouldn't really recommend starting 20 books in.

So, this story - we finally get Balthazar's resolution. Poor thief ended up getting possessed and finding his mate in very short time and then the series left him hanging out there. In summary it seems very simple - thief and cop have drama. Underneath, though, the characters were really interesting. I felt for both of them more than some previous characters, or even the ones that are moving in parallel to this love story. The odds are (of course) against them and we have to work up until the very end to get them a HEA, but it is very satisfying. Erika, the mate/cop/person, was a real standout here and I was happy she didn't have to become something she wasn't by the end. Overall, I'm happy I gave the BDB another chance because it was well worth it!

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