Sunday, February 14, 2021

Star-Crossed Dragons

Star-Crossed DragonsStar-Crossed Dragons by Chris Cannon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

OK, wow, it took me the entire book before I realized this was a prequel to the other series about dragons by the same author. Woops! That would have helped me prepare for the ending a little bit sooner than when we got there. I guess this proves you totally don't need to read the main series in order to enjoy it.

This world is pretty wonderful. There are dragons, kept separate from society and managed into stereotypical clan roles. The blue dragons, of which Sara is one, are the most uptight of the bunch. They are tasked with managing money and are generally wealthy folks. Their mate pairings are also 100% business arrangements. It might not be so bad if Sara wasn't paired with the worst of the worst. It's while she is trying to hide from this horrible match that she meets Ian. He's a red dragon, so lives more modestly and focuses more on protection and strength. The attraction is instant and they are in serious trouble.

Clans in this world are not intended to mix, especially, but not exclusively, because both are already paired and promised to other people. That, of course, does not stop this Romeo & Juliet couple. Do they make some bad decisions? Sure. But they're so young! As an intro to the world, I think this is a good one. It gives you some good and bad, and even some redeeming Blue dragons, too. While the ending is a little... sad... it should make you want to pick up and see what happens some years later.

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