Friday, April 15, 2016

Review: Wolf on a Mission

Wolf on a Mission Wolf on a Mission by N.J. Walters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This series is so enjoyable! With each new installment, I love the characters more and more. The blend of paranormal with “real life” makes for some good reads.

Elias and his nephews are the focus of this book of the series. It makes sense that since the main characters of Salvation are already mated, we get some “extended family” and newcomers to join the ranks of those in love. Elias might not be a member of the Salvation pack, but he certainly shares the same values. He left his original pack when he found out that his brother had fallen in love with a half-breed werewolf. Without hesitation, Elias can always be counted upon to take the right path, even if it is significantly harder. When his brother died, he didn’t even have to think about becoming their guardian and taking them to the only pack he thought might accept these unique kids.

Sue has lived in town and used to be best friends with Anny (known from previous books). All she has to think about to motivate herself is making a better life for her son. Even before these two met, I knew they would be *amazing* together. At first meeting, Elias knew that she was his mate. Sure, they try to fight it (as they always do) but the chemistry just won’t quit. There is quite a bit of drama that tries to get in the way of their romance, but with fated mates, you can be sure that Sue being 100% human and Elias being 100% werewolf won’t keep these two apart.

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