Saturday, March 19, 2016

Review: Embraced

Embraced (The Eternal Balance, #2)Embraced by Jus Accardo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This series just keeps getting better and crazier and hotter with every turn of the page! Fair warning - this one has a cliffhanger-ish ending that would've driven me bonkers if I didn't have the next book to *immediately* dive into. I think no matter what, though, how could you *not* dive right into the next and last of the series, right?! That being said, this was another stellar paranormal read with all the sizzle you could ever want.

Jax and Sam and walking a tightrope at the start of this book. They each had to make sacrifices and deals with Abel to survive the last book relatively intact, but that has left them struggling in the confines of "friends." Neither is really sure what happens if they break the rules, but it is probably pretty bad. As if that wasn't hard enough, Jax still has a psycho brother roaming the world who always manages to mess with his semi-happiness. In this case, he shows up under the guise of helping and hooks Sam up with a magical ticking time bomb. Oh, and turns out that Sam is now the most coveted prize among angels and demons, which risks her life even more.

We all know what happens when people try to kill Sam - Jax does bad things to them. In this book we really get to watch more of the Azi/Jax interaction and realize exactly how blurry the line is between them. While Azi might be a royal who has live oodles of lifetimes, he just might be becoming more "human" during this life with Jax. Sam and Jax's epic love story might just teach an old demon a thing or two. All of this is contingent on Ari's old flame not resurfacing along the way. That would get awkward (and it does).

This book delivers a steady stream of twists and turns, action and romance (do I even need to mention their chemistry again?), and some truly wonderful characters. Seriously, I dread the day that I don't get to visit with these characters anymore. They are all (even Azi) pretty amazing. With a bit of a cliffhanger at the end, I highly recommend loading the next book onto your kindle immediately (when it comes out)!

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