Saturday, February 12, 2022

Azuri Fae (Caledonia Fae, #2)

Azuri Fae (Caledonia Fae, #2)Azuri Fae by India Drummond
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We are working through these books for book club and while they are interesting, they are definitely not exactly what I'd usually keep coming back to. It's like a mix of high fantasy, contemporary procedural (a little), and fade to black romance.

This book picks up after the outcome of the previous book. Eilidh is a bit of a hero, having saved her kingdom from the insane fae who could have destroyed them all. He also uncovered druids, so she is associated with that re-discovery as well. The big thing here is... war, pretty much. Things aren't well in the kingdom, beginning with the queen who may be a little mad herself. There is a division in the kingdom because some want to welcome the fae they previously exiled while others are more traditional.

There's also a big thread of Munro and Eilidh struggling with their fated relationship. For Munro, he's all in, but unable to navigate the fae way of life so easily. For Eilidh, she's struggling to open herself to such a wild change in her life. Who knew that would be the smallest change. Things in this book escalate super quickly, so brace yourself. The twists and turns that center around a mystery (which ends up being... not so big?) kept me interested but not necessarily invested. I find the side characters more interesting than the main. We'll see what happens after the big end of this book, but I think most of these characters are a little hard to relate to.

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