Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Blood Sugar

Blood Sugar (Coven Daughters, #2)Blood Sugar by Kat Turner
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I admit to not reading book#1 in this series, but was easily able to slide in at book #2 and engage in this pre-built world without issue.

We join Eve, a funeral director who has the gift of being able to set souls to rest. There's some extra stuff she gets with that, hearing them, feeling responsible for them, occasionally making mistakes that end up sentencing them to a horrible afterlife, etc. It's this last bit that has her in a fragile state when Jonnie approaches her. You see, he believes he is turning into a vampire. Somehow work of her gifts got to his stage crew and he hunted her down (ya know, like a vampire).

His anti-aging treatment is definitely doing something to him, but Even doesn't exactly jump at the chance to try to help him. It takes some convincing, but they end up on a grand adventure to figure out how his "ailment" may tie in to her fouled up soul issue. Along the way we get a healthy dose of dirty, smutty, goodness, some other paranormal folks, lots of questionable choices, and ultimately a happy ending. The witchy aspects of this appear to tie in to the larger series storyline, so I'm sure you get a little more out of the other characters if you started from book 1, but I managed just fine.

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