Thursday, December 13, 2018

Review: Shadow and Ice

Shadow and Ice Shadow and Ice by Gena Showalter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A new series from one of my favorite authors? Sign me up! I barely read the description before downloading this audiobook for my quick consumption. So - what's this new series about? We are not alone in the universe and instead of having really friendly or probing alien types, we've got massive warriors tasked (or enslaved) to fight each other to dominate any newly discovered worlds. There can be only one and all that (which means lots of people have to die)! It's called the All War, and Knox of Iviland is one such combattant.

Things are going pretty well for Knox when he and all the other participants find themselves frozen for a whole bunch of years. The fortuitous finding of these frozen warriors by two would-be bakery owner sisters starts a whole new page in this war. Combine them stumbling in with global warming and you've got crazy fighters busting out all over the place! Vale, one of the unlucky sisters, ends up begrudgingly teaming up with Knox because his warrior instinct tells him she's important. If he only knew how important, maybe he would have hesitated.

These two lovebirds fight the attraction a whole lot, but end up eventually acknowledging their status as mates. This would have probably been easier if they weren't in a fight to the death. Lucky for us (or maybe the readers in general), there are way more combattants than we originally thought, meaning many more installments in this world and series before we reach any sort of conclusion. While this book is a good start, it certainly leaves a lot of follow-up to happen in future books. I'm especially looking forward to her sister's story.

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