Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Review: Masked Longing

Masked Longing Masked Longing by Alana Delacroix
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

These books are so interesting and unique that I never know where they will take me next. While you can probably start here, it's best to begin with the introduction to these races of supernaturals so you can get the full story.

Estelle is a very controlled vampire who has done just about everything in her power to avoid fully embracing her new role as a sort of vampire leader. Having stepped into this role after the predecessor's death, it makes for a difficult situation all around, made more so by her distracting attraction to Stephan.

Stephan is suffering from guilt over the loss of his friend and fighting the rising tide of voices he's inherited. He is also in denial about his draw to Estelle. His friend and leader, however, forces the issue by getting him to work in close quarters with her as a liason of sorts. When Estelle appears to be on the edge of running off, he runs right after her, determined to protect her in any way he can. These two are off-the-charts sizzling, but their trust leaves much to be desired. He's paranoid and she's less than confident in their budding relationship, but life and death situations have a way of putting everything in perspective. Another great story in this series wraps up nicely.

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