Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Review: Forbidden Heat

Forbidden Heat Forbidden Heat by R.L. Kenderson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am rapidly devouring this series without any breaks. I’m sure you could start at this book if you wanted, but I think you get more enjoyment out of a series when you start from the beginning.

We join Payton and Damien soon after the events of the previous book. In the first book, a few storylines split and we were left with multiple couples in some form of peril. Payton was walking to her car when a group of men attempted to kidnap her. Damien, knowing that his father was planning this, moved to stop them and ended up speeding away with Payton, both of them injured. They both end up at Damien’s secret cabin, in the middle of nowhere. While this is a great idea for hiding from his evil dad, it ends up adding more drama when they have no way to either get out or each anyone to tell them Payton is OK. Using the last of his battery power, Damien ends up sending his BFF to tell the cat shifters that Payton is OK, starting another couple story between Zane and Isabelle.

Payton and Damien end up getting very involved. The stress of the situation, their natural attraction (even despite their different shifter nature), and then Payton’s surprise heat ends up throwing them from strangers into a very serious relationship. All while they are in their “love nest,” Kenzie and Sawyer are still trapped (having been successfully kidnapped), and some mystery evil cat shifter is still trying to plot against the alpha. Everything would end up in a simple HEA if Damian hadn’t hid the fact that he was the son of a crazy man. Even after the big reveal, these two lovebirds end up working things out in a pretty solid HEA. Of course, the other storylines are still all over the place. While I’m happy that Payton and Damien got their happy ending, I will eagerly continue to devour the other books in this series for some ultimate resolution.

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