Friday, March 16, 2018

Review: Alpha Unleashed

Alpha Unleashed Alpha Unleashed by Kathy Lyons
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

While I’ve read the other books in this series (a pretty long time ago), this book felt a little bit different (I think). Here, we join a woman determined to save her brother and her city by accepting that shifters exist.

The shifters in this world are not the sexy and awesome type you (and I) might be used to in the PNR realm. Instead, there is something horribly wrong with people in Alyssa’s neighborhood. Some are dying while trying to shift for the first time while others are becoming a horrible smelling gross half-shifter. The only idea that Alyssa has for saving everyone is to go find the only person her brother has outed as being a shifter – Simon.

Simon has almost abandoned his human half when an attractive woman goes after him with a gun. Upon shifting back, he’s forced to go through the slow process of becoming “man” again. It would probably be a little easier to just give up if he wasn’t undeniably attracted to Alyssa. Oh, and she’s his best friend’s younger sister, so that’s awkward. Luckily, shifter hierarchy plus military training equals Simon suddenly being able to get away with starting a relationship with someone who might otherwise have been off limits. While the romance is a little light, the story was interesting enough to keep me flipping pages.

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