Friday, November 4, 2016

Review: Save Me

Save Me Save Me by Anna Santos
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book throws you right into the story with very little explanation. It is jarring and scary and puts you immediately in Camille’s shoes.

Camille has been formally rejected by her intended werewolf mate after being horribly abused. Now she’s on the run from her ex-mate’s henchmen and is pretty sure she’s going to die. The last thing she expects is a rescue from some gargoyles that were patrolling the area. One touch from her rescuer, though, and she finds herself transforming into an angel with mate markings running up her arm. Jacob (her rescuer) also finds himself changed from his gargoyle-cursed-form into something closer to an angel. Turns out, when someone gets rejected by their mate, it opens up the possibility of being mated to one particular gargoyle. If they cross paths, then they get 30 days to establish a bond that will break the gargoyle’s curse, or he will turn to stone forever.

Camille and Jacob slowly embark on their journey from strangers to mates; all the while searching for Camille’s kidnapped brother and her evil ex-mate. After he tries to destroy a bunch of innocents, Jacob and Camille find themselves with a relative army of people willing to help. There’s a pretty satisfying HEA at the end for these two, who definitely worked their butts off to get it.

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