Friday, August 5, 2016

Review: Born to Bite

Born to Bite Born to Bite by Lynsay Sands
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book contains all the information that I wanted to know at the end of the previous book! If you’re angry about the lack of information, this is the book that gives it to you (thank goodness). Remember Armand, the possibly wife-killing vampire/father of the rogue who could possibly be executed? Well, this book is his story, and even comes with a love interest in the form of Eshe. The timeline for this book overlaps a bit with the ending of the previous, so while the new mates were locked in their cell, Lucian was busy setting up some detective work for Eshe.

Eshe is an enforcer who doesn’t take anyone’s crap. Her mate has long since been killed, so she is pretty much just left with her work and friends. Her latest assignment is to figure out who has been killing off Armand’s wives. Seems like something she could do as simple as reading Armand’s mind, but upon first meeting it appears that they are destined to be mates. Good news is that they can finally have companionship again, but the bad news is that now Eshe might be the killer’s latest target. Sure, I think we are supposed to doubt Armand, but it is pretty obvious that there is a bigger threat somewhere that is determined to make his life hell.

This book was filled with everything that I’ve come to love about the series: smutty goodness, a good mystery, lots of wonderful “check-ins” with the main characters of previous books, and a happily ever after (this time with no infuriating missing information). If you’ve read the other oodles of books in this series, this is another “good one” in that we get good chemistry and page turning story. Who doesn’t want to know who really killed all those women?

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