Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Review: Awakened

Awakened Awakened by Elisabeth Naughton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. While it took me longer than usual to get to this one, I’m glad I delayed to read the short story (#7.5) before this book as it directly explains the events prior to this one. There is a time-jump, so fans of the series and new readers alike can probably jump in here.

Damon has been a kept slave on Olympus for 25 years and has no recollection of his life before that. He doesn’t even remember his own name, other than the one they gave him upon waking. As a break to the constant responsibilities of being a goddess’s sex slave, he is occasionally offered the opportunity to train the Sirens and assist in their testing. Sure, this also involves a bit of seduction, but anything with a hint of free will is better than the servitude he endures regularly. The first trainee he encounters during the trials is Elysia, who ends up triggering some protective instinct in him he thought long dead.

Elysia thought the worst thing that could happen to her just did – she is being forced into an arranged political marriage. While running away, though, fate reminded her just how wrong she was. Identified for the Sirens and dropped onto a dangerous island, she is forced to make herself into the warrior that will survive this life. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that there’s this wonderfully protective and sexy man willing to risk punishment to be with her.

There’s oodles of God/Goddess/Argonaut drama (and, yes, the orb is still in play) but there is also a really great love story between these two. They both grow (more than the built-in 25 year time-lapse) and are ready to step into the shoes of the last few main characters. I’m excited to see where this series is headed and if they ever complete this darn orb!

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