Monday, February 2, 2015

Review: Fair Game

Fair Game
Fair Game by Patricia Briggs

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Anna and Charles might be my favorite couple in this book universe. They are the perfect balance of strength and patience and thought and action. I love watching them grow together, even if they have to struggle through some tough times.

The book starts with Charles in a really bad place. He’s been forced to kill a lot of wolves lately, and most of them would’ve been let off with a warning a few years ago. Since the wolves came out, there’s a lot more pressure on Bran to police their own to avoid the public seeing the danger that werewolves really are. He’s being plagued by the ghosts of his kills and has isolated himself from Anna to protect her. Anna, being the tough Omega wolf that she’s grown to be, has been ranting at anyone who will listen that things have to change. Charles cannot keep doing his job without breaking, especially now that he’s cut Anna out. Asil, always the meddler, manages to convince Bran to send Anna and Charles out to do some good instead of the “evil” Charles is always tasked with.

When the FBI asks for a werewolf advisor (and Adam is still taking care of Mercy), Anna and Charles get sent out to hunt down a serial killer. Of course, nothing is straight forward with the case, and way more paranormals (and evil humans) are involved than they originally assumed. Luckily, even when everything else gets crazy, Anna and Charles begin to find their way back to one another. Maybe it was the dangerous situations, maybe it was the fear, but Charles accepts that he needs Anna to help fight his demons, and Anna accepts that she is tougher than she originally thought.

I love these two and cannot wait for more of them! While the Mercy series is more action than romance, this series definitely centers on their relationship. Watching these two unlikely people find a way to make their life together work is really great.

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