Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Review: Sealed with a Purr

Sealed with a Purr
Sealed with a Purr by Celia Kyle

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

These books are such yummy fun, even when they contain some darker subject matter. This one was particularly handicapped in that it takes place after the biggest of the big bad gets killed. I was worried that there would be no real tie to the rest of the books, but it delivered.

Tess is the unofficial daughter of the big bad that was just killed (spoiler alert… you shouldn’t be reading reviews of future books unless you’re caught up!). She’s recovering in what amounts to a cell at the compound where she and a few other women were tortured for years. Oh, and she’s also a mind reader, a sensitive, and a sort of half shifter. Harding is one of Maya’s few remaining unmated bodyguards and, whether consciously or through a twist of fate, she sends him off to find his mate. Send to replace Stone as the women’s guardian, Harding follows orders and discovers his mate at first sight.

Between the two of them, there’s a real balance. Yes, there’s sexy, steamy chemistry, too. Turn out; Harding has a pretty broken past that rivals Tess’s own. He quiets her voices and she soothes his inner beast. It just takes Tess a really long time for her to leave her big ole pity party long enough to see that Harding is perfect. Of course these books are short, but I really wanted more time figuring out Harding’s past. I feel like he didn’t get enough in depth time from this installment. I still love these books, though. They are such a guaranteed fun and naughty time.

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