Monday, February 17, 2014

Review: Flirting Under a Full Moon

Flirting Under a Full Moon
Flirting Under a Full Moon by Ashlyn Chase

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a cute and quick read that delivered on all things supernatural. There were wizards, shapeshifters, brownies, vampires, and just about any other paranormal you can imagine. The world was silly and fun and had me immediately diving into the next book immediately after the last page of this one!

Brandee is a human bar waitress at "Boston Uncommon", a paranormal bar (in which the human staff is unaware of the paranormals). She's been dumped a few dozen times, but this one (via text message) sends her in a bit of a tailspin. Nick is a werewolf who has been a strictly one night type of guy in the hopes that he'd be free when he discovers his true mate. He's also changing careers from cop to paranormal PI to take on his first case -- saving Brandee's fire mage cousin from kidnappers.

Brandee is a bit of a stubborn woman and instead of getting Nick's permission to tag along on the investigation, she ends up following him and learning more than she bargained for. Nick, also, learned more than he anticipated -- namely that Brandee is his true mate. After some misunderstandings, arguments, and paranormal interventions in the form of a fortune teller, we get some serious HEA. If you're looking for a very light and fun read, this trilogy looks like what you need.

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