Review Policy

Review Policy

When and How I Will Review

All e-books I agree to receive in exchange for an honest review are sorted and reviewed in a timely manner.  Books are typically reviewed within 2 weeks of publication date.  I strive to maintain a >90% reviewed ratio for ARCs.  Books for review are queued up in order by publishing date.  My preferred method of receiving e-books is direct from the publisher or through NetGalley (in MOBI format), where I am listed under the username carrisse and associated with my blog (Carrie Reads A Lot).  Immediately following completion of a book, I post the review to my blog, cross-post to Goodreads and Amazon (if the title is available), and update it within NetGalley. 

Star Rating System

1 star=I couldn’t finish this book/it was a struggle to finish this book
2 stars=I read it, but would not recommend it.
3 stars=It was a good read, I’d recommend it.
4 stars=It was a really great read, you should read it!
5 stars=I would re-read it over and over again!

Books I Like to Read
  • Contemporary Paranormal Romance (YA or adult)
  • Urban Fantasy

1 comment:

  1. Hi Carrie,
    I see that you reviewed a similar book to mine. Would you be willing to let me provide you with a copy of my book? It would mean a lot to me if you would consider reviewing mine as well.
    My name is Kelley Heckart, and the book I want to send is titled Awakening the Dragon, a Shadow-walkers dragon shifter romance. This is a standalone book in a series. If you want to read the first four books, I’d be happy to send them, too. For more information, here is a link to Awakening the Dragon: Kindle:
    All books are also available in Kindle Unlimited.
    I’d be happy to provide either book to you in any digital file of your choice. Or, if you wish, I can send you a print copy. It’s up to you.
    Of course, I understand that you are under zero obligation to review my book, and if you do review it, all I ask is that you leave an honest review. I am simply looking for the opportunity to have you consider it.
    Thank you. I look forward to your response.