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Dark Alpha’s Command

Dark Alpha's Command (Reaper, #15)Dark Alpha's Command by Donna Grant
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another solid installment in this world that I’ll start my review with the following note: If this is your first adventure into the Reaper world (or this universe) it may be a little bit overwhelming. There is a lot of back story, characters, drama, and romance that lay in the pages before those of this book. I’m sure you can read this standalone, but you’ll miss all the great nuance that’s thrown in. I’d recommend starting wayyyyyy back at the beginning, but know that can seem daunting.

This story is finally Balladyn’s redemption. He has been the good guy, the bad guy, the sort of good guy again, and now is finding his place among the Reapers. As a bit of an oddball because of his history, made especially awkward by his ex being the mate of the Dragon Kings’ leader, he has been understandably standoffish. Rhona is in an unusual spot herself. She’s the leader of the Skye druids, but feels unqualified for the position, not being a magical powerhouse herself. Upon arriving to a standard meeting, she’s attacked and somehow summons none other than Balladyn himself. How? Well, I think I’m still confused about that, but here we are!

Balladyn does the typical martyr act and throws all his sins on the table to allow Rhona to reject him before anything starts. Lucky for us, she doesn’t, so we get some good sizzle along with the larger storyline. We get some nudging for the Aisling and X story, but what we really attack (haha) is Lena, the head of the big baddies. Combining all their baggage seems to work both magically and romantically for these two, so we are gifted with a huge battle in the final act. While we still have one more book in the series to tie up loose ends, this was a good step forward overall.

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