Monday, May 3, 2021

Rise of Heroes

Rise of Heroes (Artifact Hunters, #3)Rise of Heroes by S.M. Reine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Who knew that a series based on a world that took many books to build could be so... light? Fun? Easy? I feel like anyone could enjoy this series as a standalone, but I enjoyed it even more having been on this long and wild ride.

We join Cage and Brigid as they navigate cohabitation, the loss of Cage's BFF, a quest for revenge against a hero, and more backup plans than you could shake a squirrel at. There is no way anyone could *not* love Cage, so it's no shock that this series has gone by so quickly for me. The pages turn with ease and I sink into this familiar world without another thought. I am so glad that we wrap things up neatly for Cage (and company) that I finished this book with a huge smile on my face.

Now - how did we get to said ending? Well, there's the usual mayhem, guts, grossness, occasional stripping, and some questionable blood-letting. Oh, and family surprises! As long as you are open to the antics, you will enjoy every minute, even the ones that get tricky. The characters are quirky and awesome, saving some overly emotional scenes with their sheer oddness. I'd happily recommend this trilogy to anyone even remotely interested in paranormal... anything. Please check it out!

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