Thursday, October 26, 2017

Review: Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas

Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a wonderful little Christmas story! While I’m not really up to date on all the wonderfully intersecting stories of this author, I found it incredibly easy to dive in here and enjoy this relatively standalone tale.

Candice was an average woman, writing in her free time until she goes on the camping trip that changes her life. A small bite from what she assumed was a lost puppy ends up transforming her into a werewolf. Being forced to essentially push everyone away has left her alone but eagerly throwing herself into her writing career. Writing about werewolves is suddenly even more relevant.

While Candice was out on her inaugural shift/run, she happened to see another arctic wolf. Said wolf, Owen, has become convinced that this mystery wolf will be his mate and is even more dumbstruck when his most recent case takes him right to her door. The two of them might have a confusing history, but their future is definitely looking good. As long as she can accept the instant introduction of a pack, some estranged family, some conniving con-men/women, and more shifters than she can shake a stick at, they should be fine! As a nice introduction to the world, this book was more than I expected. We meet so many interesting characters that I’m eager to dive right back in.

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