Monday, October 31, 2016

Review: Sex, Lies & Demon Ties

Sex, Lies & Demon Ties Sex, Lies & Demon Ties by C J Laurence
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book was short, quick, smutty, but super-duper dark. There are some pretty shocking elements thrown in from a distinctly not-sexy place. Consider this fair warning for those readers who are in it just for the smut.

Azazel and Balthazar are on their yearly vacation from hell. They get 3 months a year to relax in any way they see fit. Azazel is the bad brother who spends his time screwing his way through one-night-stands. Balthazar is the one looking for love, the only thing that will allow them to become mortal and spend their time away from hell. They seem OK with their different approaches until they both lock onto a stranger and immediately become smitten.

In a very expected way, the bad boy brother uses a rather blunt approach to getting in Kyla’s pants. While she seems interested, they could easily spend just as much time bickering as they would in the sack. Somewhere along the way, there’s magick involved and secrets, and some ghost-type people, and people end up not being who they seem. In the end, though, everyone gets a solid HEA (even if we get there through a bit of really dark story).

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