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Review: Just a Night: A Collection of Erotic Stories

Just a Night: A Collection of Erotic Stories
Just a Night: A Collection of Erotic Stories by Stephanie Nelson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Overall this collection was exactly what it advertises: A hot collection of one night stands that will leave you panting.

What He Wants by LP Dover: 3 stars
This was a nice little mix of flirty and sexy with a splash of romance thrown in. Melissa is a divorced teacher who is determined to have fun at the start of the summer. Her seemingly ordinary night on the town with her girlfriends ends up introducing her to a man who could be more than trouble to her single lifestyle. There was some steamy scenes but it was definitely about more than just the sex.

The Club by Tara Brown: 4 stars
Wow, this was the dirty sexy one! There was a lot of naughty times had in all sorts of creative combinations. Hannah is a divorced woman who has a reputation for being tough as nails while getting her job done. This, unfortunately, doesn't exactly endear her to the opposite sex. In a desperate attempt to shake things up in her life, she takes a mysterious card that grants her access to an exclusive club. There are masks and orgies and all the goodness that goes along with it. The humor and quotability of this story was really fun too. Many vagina references abound. This one had a really weird but rewarding HEA, too.

Like a Bird by Stephanie Nelson: 3 stars
A blend of raw sex and some real heart, this story was a little deeper than your typical rock star fantasy read. Krista is a fangirl who suddenly finds herself singled out by her favorite lead singer. Rather than the expected partying, she is able to spend an almost normal evening getting to know him better (and banging their brains out). She gets the ultimate birthday fantasy but I was sad that we didn't get more resolution at the end. I guess there's a reason these are "just one night."

Tender Forces by Lili Von: 4 stars
This story was almost-sort-of a historical romance. Cassidy is doing this one last Civil War reenactment with her brother and friends before she sets off on a brand new adventure. One of her brother's friends, Ty, has been a longtime crush that turns into a whole lot more in this one night experience. There's role play, a lot of alpha male, and other naughty happenings on a night that seemingly happens years ago. As a little surprise, there's also a touching amount of romantic dialogue that gives it a bit of a deeper feeling than a one night stand.

More than Words by Emma D. Fallon: 4 stars
In this blast from the past story that actually does happen a while ago, Caroline is caught in a world where being a divorcee is a horrible stigma. After a day of sunbathing alone, she happens upon a lonely soldier and sparks fly. This one really pulled at the heartstrings and also felt a little bit like a virgin tale. I felt like this story fell strongly in the romance category and had me rooting for these two every step of the way. While other stories left me satisfied with one night only, I wanted a lot more for these two wonderful characters.

Exquisite Folly by Melissa Lummis: 4 stars
Emily is driven by one thing: her determination to make up for a youthful, pivotal mistake. An unplanned pregnancy before she graduated high school
changed the course of her life forever. No matter how hard she works or how much time she devotes to her son, it will never be enough. Her own happiness
is the furthest thing from her mind. Mike never planned on being a single father, but when cancer claimed his beloved wife his picture-perfect life
shattered. A year later he still struggles to pick up the pieces and raise their daughter though his heart breaks every day. And around each corner
inescapable memories of the love of his life haunt him. When these two broken souls reach out to each other for comfort, neither intends for it to go so far,
or so deep. Can they learn to live and love again, even if it’s for just one night?

Hooked by C.G. Powell: 3 stars
This was a really quickly developing thriller/romance/high school revenge-ish read. Renee had her heart broken in high school by Mike, the town hottie. On a failed fishing trip she ends up being "rescued" by Mike and his friends only to discover that he wants so much more than that. There wasn't actually a whole lot of revenge (other than in her head), but there is a lot more thrown in for good measure. A gun toting gangster, lots of girl power. and spur of the moment sex round out this surprising tale.

One by J.M. Walker: 3 stars
Hot hot hot! This one was filled with all sorts of down and dirty sex. Mimi is a waitress at an alternative lifestyles club who meets the elusive and gorgeous alpha male, Bryce. He certainly takes the lead in what turns into a whole heck of a lot of sex. Lots and lots of sex. Did I say sex? Because this story was overflowing with sex. I think this was officially the most sexy story of the bunch, and even gave you a nice variety along the way. Who knew so much sex could be jammed into one night? I really liked this one for the twisty turny way that it dragged me along thinking one thing, only to be surprised by the ending.

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